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animal-hospital-san-diego-5.jpgJayme Williams, DVM

Dr. Jayme Williams knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 7 years old, when she participated in a stray cat/kitten rescue underneath her family home. She helped her father make the cat family a new home, provided them warm blankets and fed them daily. Unfortunately, the kittens did not survive the trauma of moving and it was that moment that Dr. Williams wanted to understand why.

Throughout college she pursued numerous undergraduate assistant teaching positions and pursued investigational grant opportunities, including the Southern California scholars programs such as the UCLA Bridge Program where she studied HIV co-infection mutation and patterns of infection with the world’s premier AIDS research center and at UC San Diego with the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program where she researched reproductive hormonal signaling and egg maturation in the ovary (working on polycystic ovarian syndrome) with top notch medical school professors. After graduation she spent a year researching vascular growth and signaling at the Jacobs School of Bioengineering with a team focused on aerospace medicine for NASA and autologous graft production.

She attended the prestigious North Carolina State University for veterinary school and participated in the National Institutes of Health Summers of Discovery Program, evaluating the effects of anesthesia on newborns and their future neurodevelopment.

After graduation, she practiced emergency and relief veterinarian work after receiving her doctorate at a variety of veterinary practices. During this time, she formed her vision of what her perfect veterinary practice would be. She combined her love of animals, animal people, science and medicine, the future of education in the state and her passion for companion animal healthcare into Woof and Purr.

Woof and Purr Vet is a love letter in care to pet cats and dogs and their pet parents. Its goal is to foster pet wellness, care for ailing animal companions and restore their health or comfort, to support and inform pet parents as they provide an enriching life for furred loved ones and get so much love in return.

Dr. Williams looks forward to meeting every pet and pet parent. Please stop by and say hello and schedule an appointment for your furry family member.

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