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About Anesthesia-Free Dental Care for Pets & Dental X-rays

Woof and Purr Vet concurs with the recommendation of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Dental College and does not recommend the use of anesthesia-free dental care for pets.

Anesthesia-free dental cleaning is misleading because the term leaves the impression that after one of these procedures, your pet’s mouth is clean and healthy. Just because your pet’s teeth may appear whiter after a non-anesthetic dental cleaning does not mean they are free from oral disease.


Woof and Purr Vet does dental radiography (x-rays) on every pet at every dental. See our YouTube Video with actual dental x-rays we have taken at Woof and Purr Vet and the important decisions they allowed owners to make to increase their pet's health and provide a pain-free, happy life. For a demonstration on what your veterinarian or "anesthesia-free dentistry provider" is missing when the x-ray step is skipped, nothing compares to seeing the images that cannot be taken during awake dentistry and hearing what the veterinarian learned with immediate radiographic results. Images of cat and dog dental x-rays are reviewed so you can learn what the veterinarian can do with the power of x-rays for your information & for your pet's health.

Dental X-rays

Get the Facts about Anesthesia Free-Dentistry

The American Veterinary Dental College has a good website devoted to knowing the facts about anesthesia free dentistry. You can access it here.

Anesthesia-free dental procedures are not able to properly care for your pet’s teeth. Pets suffer from many of the same oral diseases that humans do, which, left untreated, can make your pet very sick. Bacteria will enter the bloodstream and may subsequently damage the kidneys and/or heart leading to potential organ failure. Unfortunately, there are often no visible signs of oral disease until there is so much damage beneath the gumline that the pet often has pain, bone loss and tooth loss. Anesthesia-free dental procedures have no way of identifying oral disease under the gumline before the disease causes pain and becomes expensive to treat. These procedures have no way of cleaning beneath the gumline to prevent further periodontal disease from developing.

Learn more about pet periodontal disease and the risks of anesthesia free dental cleanings.

Dental X-Rays are Important to Your Pet’s Health. Imagine how healthy your mouth and teeth would be if your dentist did not use x-ray technology to visualize the roots, gums and bone inside your mouth. X-ray technology allows us to visualize the internal anatomy of your pet’s teeth along with the roots and surrounding bone. We are able to diagnose bone loss or hidden disease that may be present in the tooth roots and jawbone areas that may need advanced treatment. Dogs and cats will not cooperate when a radiographic sensor is placed in their mouth, so taking dental radiographs requires your cat or dog to be anesthetized.

Without anesthesia, some sort of physical restraint must be used on your dog or cat so that the provider can access the animal’s teeth. While some pets may tolerate this type of treatment, most pets will be restrained for a lengthy period of time with no ability to understand what is happening to them. Click for more detailed information on anesthesia free cleaning.

During aesthesia-free dental care, the surfaces of your pet’s teeth are scaled with an instrument leaving grooves in the pet’s teeth and a rough surface prime for the adherence of more bacteria. This is definitely not healthy for your pet. During a professional dental treatment at Woof and Purr Vet, we smooth your pet’s teeth to discourage further adherence of bacteria.

We hope you will call us for more information before you have your pet’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia. For more information please read up on what veterinary dentistry is by visiting these websites for more information:

AVMA, Pet Dental Care

What is Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning?

Risks of Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings

Stages of Periodontal Disease

Avoid This Costly Pet Dental Care Mistake

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