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Welcome to Woof and Purr Vet
The best, affordable, veterinary care available for dogs and cats in South Park, Golden Hill, North Park and the surrounding neighborhoods of San Diego
Call us at (619) 450-4444

Pet Emergency? Call us right away at (619) 450-4444!

At Woof and Purr Vet, we do not believe in “one size fits all” veterinary medicine. We are affordable, locally & independently owned, compassionate, and -- we listen.

We celebrate the life you and your pet have together by providing the best personalized veterinary medical care available. We are different than other veterinary hospitals – we spend extra time with each pet and their owner and take every precaution to protect the good health of your pet through individualized vaccination plans, wellness care, dental care, surgical care and expert diagnostic care. We have a broad range of services selected specifically to help your pet.

How We Do It

We know arriving at a large, loud animal hospital only to see a different doctor at each visit is not what makes owners or their companion animals comfortable. At Woof and Purr Vet you will have consistent care with Dr. Jayme Williams & her staff. We will get to know you and your pet, and your pet will like coming to visit us! We will personally oversee your pet's care in an environment that feels like home. Stop by and see us!

At Woof and Purr Vet, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Dr. Jayme Williams
San Diego Veterinarian | Woof and Purr Vet
(619) 450-4444
2234 30th St
San Diego, California 92104

Quality Pet Hospital in San Diego CA

From our central San Diego location, we provide veterinary care to the people and pets of Burlingame, South Park, Golden Hill and Grant Hill, Stockton and Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Barrio Logan, East Village & the Marina, Downtown, Core-Columbia, Cortez Hills, Middletown, Little Italy and Harborview, Banker's Hill, Park West and Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park & City Heights, the College Area and all surrounding areas.

We offer a 10% Military and 65+ Senior Discount with ID

Complimentary Exams through the San Diego Humane Society for recently adopted pets & select 501(c)(3) Rescue Organizations.

We are located just a few little dog steps from South Park's famous vintage & handmade boutiques, gourmet eateries, craft breweries, the Grape Street Dog Park & you!

Pet Emergency

If your dog or cat is ill or experiencing an emergency, call us right away and consider bringing your pet to our pet hospital immediately--based on our availability, no appointment may be necessary!

Our Goals

Located in the heart of South Park at Juniper & 30th, Woof and Purr Vet provides affordable, quality, local veterinary care for your special pet companion that is tailored to your pet's breed, life stage and health status while keeping your health care goals in mind.

Our Pet Hospital Design

Our pet hospital design elements blend the vintage aesthetic of South Park, the easy comfort of a world-class medical facility and a green consciousness. Our rooms are as comfortable, friendly and welcoming as our staff.



Located in the South Park Neighborhood in San Diego CA

At 30th and Juniper 2 doors down from Cafe Madeleine in the South Park Neighborhood of Golden Hill. Feel free to reach out or stop by any time. We would love to chat about your pet cats or dogs with you!


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Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Jayme Williams
    Dr. Jayme Williams knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 7 years old, when she participated in a stray cat/kitten rescue underneath her family home. She helped her father make the cat family a new home, provided them warm blankets and fed them daily. Unfortunately, the kittens did not survive the trauma of moving and it was that moment that Dr. Williams wanted to understand why.


Woof and Purr Vet Online Reviews:

  • "I have had two visits two Dr Jayme over the past 6 months. Both times were due to urgent situations after my normal vet had closed. Both times she was so kind and helpful. The first time required an invasion exam with my girl dog who is very skiddish and known to snap at people. Dr. Jayme sat on the floor to make my girl more comfortable and waited a while until she warmed up."
    - Kristina M.

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